London-based artist Marianne Nix was born in the Uk and has lived in the Netherlands and Japan. Nix studied at UCA Farnham | University for the Creative Arts 1978 - 1979, Gloucester College of Art BA Hons 1979 – 1982 and Middlesex University MA digital media 1998 - 1999.


Nix is concerned with the relationship between human activity and nature.

She draws together cumulative influences from History and personal experience. Her photographs of far flung landscapes, tropical plants from neighbours’ gardens and Kew Gardens glass houses, wild flowers from allotments and road sides are re-imagined and re-cast using digital manipulation, hand printing, traditional oil glazes and mixed media layers bringing together the old and new.

The artworks evoke a sense of nostalgia for foreign lands and times when we were not overly concerned with the future of our planet. Landscapes associated with beauty and relaxation are tinged with ambiguity. 

In her most recent series, started in 2016, she was inpired by the letters between Charles Darwin and JD Hooker, 19th Century scientific explorers. The Glass house plants of Kew Gardens are made technicolor to bring to mind the heat, the exotic, and the fragile entanglement between human and non-human lives that form our vital ecosystems.

Group exhibitions

2022  Kolo London Gallery 'Telling tales' pop up exhibition Crouch End, London

2021 Gallery Christian Collin at the international Salon du livre et de l’estampe au Grand Palais, Paris, France

2020 Gallery Christian Collin at the international Salon du livre et de l’estampe au Grand Palais, Paris, France

2011 – 2019 i-contemporary Gallery at Affordable Art Fairs London

2017 Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute, Printmakers Inc

2016 The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, Bankside Gallery London

2015 Fifty Years of Artist Prints, Printmakers Council, Bankside Gallery London

2015 Works on Paper, City of London Barbican Library

2014 Burgh House Museum Hampstead, London

2013 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2012 – 14 The 8th British International Mini Print Exhibition travelling the UK

2012 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2012 Margate Gallery Group Exhibition with the Printmakers Council

2012 UCLH Arts Group Exhibition with the Printmakers Council

2010 Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court, London June 8th – June 20th.

2005 Burgh House Museum Hampstead, London.

2005 Exhibition Lauderdale House Gallery, Highgate, London.


Victoria & Albert Museum London Print collection,

Private collections in the UK, Norway, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia